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HWGYF MISSION STATEMENT/GOAL: The goal of the H-W Generals Youth Football (HWGYF) Program is to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children that will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens while enjoying the fun of learning football and cheerleading in a well coached and safe environment.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Hamilton Wenham Generals Youth Football, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is part of the Cape Ann Youth Football League (CAYFL). We are not associated with Pop Warner Football. Please visit the CAYFL web site for further information.

EXPERIENCE: No prior experience is needed for football or cheerleading. Participation in football requires the ability to run, tackle, block, catch a football and understand the rules of the game. If your child has any current condition that limits his/her ability to participate in these activities, collectively defined as Generals Youth Football, please advise the Commissioner or Director of Cheerleading in a confidential letter.

AGE GROUPS/TEAMS: There are four (4) Age Groups for football and three (3) for Cheering in Hamilton Wenham: Ages for teams are determined as of September 1st of the current season. “D Team” 3rd & 4th Graders, 10 years old and under . “C & JVC Teams” 6th & 5th Graders, 12 years old and under and "A/B Team” 7th & 8th Graders, 14 years old and under. The JVC Team (football only) is usually for 5th Graders. JV Teams are where players will be placed by the Head Coach based on ability and physical maturity. H-W Cheerleading does not support JV teams as this time.

A Team - The A Team Level (8th and 7th grade) - is a very competitive level and playing time of approximately 80% to 20 % is given to players with the most ability, experience and physical maturity. When there is only an A Team there will be players that will see less playing time based on ability, experience and/or physical maturity and the score. When the score is way up or way down coaches are encouraged to sub in players that see less playing time provided there are not safety concerns for the player.

B Team - There is a B Team Level (8th and 7th grade only) in the CAYFL for towns that can field a team based on the total number of 7th & 8th Graders registered. Playing time is approximately 70% to 30%.

C Team - At the C Team Level (6th & 5th grade) more playing time 65% to 35% is given to the players with more ability, experience and physical maturity. Coaches are encouraged to sub in players judiciously and sub in players should the score be way up or way down.

JVC Team - At this level (5th and 6th grade) more playing time is approximately 60% to 40% is given to to the players with more ability, experience and physical maturity. Players will be placed on the JVC Team that are not yet ready as determined by the coaches for the C Team. Coaches are encouraged to sub in players judiciously and sub in players should the score be way up or way down.  

D Team - At the D Team Level (3rd & 4th grade) all players should receive equal playing time and instruction at various positionsThis is an instructional level first and foremost. The Coaches do their best to provide equal playing time to all players.

WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: There are weight-restricted player positions for each football age group established for the safety of the players. The weight limits apply only to players touching the football (running backs, receivers and quarterbacks). All players are weighed to determine eligibility to play these positions. A player’s weight is determined based on their football uniform and pads without a helmet. To be a running back, receiver or quarterback, players must (in uniform and pads but no helmet) weigh no more than: D Teams = 93 lbs; C & JVC Teams = 120 lbs; B Teams = 145 lbs; A  Teams = 158 lbs.  There is no weight restriction for defensive players.

GAMES: There are typically nine to ten (9-10) games on the schedule that will start in September. The regular season ends in early November. There are Playoffs and Championship games for C, B & A Teams that qualify. The Game Schedule will be posted on the web site in September. 

GAME DAYS: Game days may be Saturday or Sunday. Away games can be played on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. Times are subject to change – please check the web site Game Schedule link and emails. Players need to arrive at least one (1) hour before game time for warm-up, weight in, and coaches’ instruction. 

COACHES: Each football and cheerleading team will have experienced and trained coaches that have been Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) cleared and approved. ALL Football Coaches are required to be USA Football and Heads Up Football Certified.

BANQUET: The season ends with the Annual Banquet at the H-W Regional High School where there is a dinner in the Cafeteria, then speakers, awards, gifts and a slide show of the season in the auditorium. All immediate family members and players/cheerleaders are welcome to the dinner (nominal fee charged to cover expenses). All other family and friends are welcome to the auditorium after dinner for the speakers, awards, gifts and slide show.